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In this post I’ll share with you my affiliate marketing tips and thought process behind creating a niche blog for affiliate monetizing.

When I got started with eCompreneurHQ I was aiming to create the ultimate resource for online marketing. The more content I add to this website the more I learn.

And, recently I have started to consider getting into creating niche blogs for monetization with affiliate marketing.

Creating blogs can be a daunting task that requires lots of work and time. Patience, adaptation and persistence are the pillars of success in this game. In this post I want to share with you my process of creating affiliate websites.

1-Choosing The Right Niche

Choosing the right niche can make all the difference on how much revenue your website will generate. I tend to focus on niches where people are willing to pay for information products and services.

Like this Internet Marketing blog, health related niches and relationship niches.

I do that because not only I get higher commissions on informational products, but also because they tend to be things I am genuinely interested in and won’t mind learning about and then sharing my knowledge with others.

There are 3 important elements I consider when choosing a niche:

  • Profitability (will it bring you enough revenue to keep going?)
  • Longevity and Interest (is it something that you want to work on?)
  • Competition (how hard will it be for you to rank the website organically?)

A fantastic way to discover a niche is by browsing products, you can do that on Clickbank, JVzoo, Amazon or even by reading niche magazines (hobbyists magazines).

2-Finding The Right Products

You will be able to find plenty of products on the websites I listed above.

But, how do you find something you want to promote?

I like to look for the popularity of a certain product and read the reviews (if they are available, if the product hasn’t got reviews I tend to steer away). Although you should NOT base you judgement only on the review of random people, if you can request a reviewer access to the product or buy it, it will help you make the decision.

Look for quality and dedication. Here are some things to notice about the products you are researching:

  • Landing page quality (is it well written, informative and trustworthy?)
  • Customer Service (do they make it easy for customers to reach them?)
  • Reputation (if it is a popular product they probably have reviews somewhere)
  • Average Customer Value (can you make recurring commissions? Do they have a well built sales funnel?)

3-Building The Website and Bringing Traffic

Personally I love to build my websites with WordPress and the Divi Theme, I use SiteGround for my server hosting as I have had better customer service with them.

With the Divi theme you transform your website creation into an easy drag and drop process, anyone can do it. Just make sure your website doesn’t look clustered with information, make it simple and easy to navigate. User experience should be your priority, worry about looks later.

Don’t be intimidated by building the website, it can be overwhelming at first but, if you take advantage of your hosting’s customer service, wordpress customer service and easy to use website builders like the Divi theme mentioned above, you will be just fine.

The most important thing is to have the right mindset about success and that is: Success is not an accident or an event in your life, success is the cumulative result of your hard and competent work.

For traffic I choose to go with SEO. People tend to develop their own favorite source of traffic, SEO is mine. It takes time to build, but it can yield amazing results.

Sometimes I use FB ads, but personally I haven’t had much luck with it. I believe FB ads are better for retargeting, but there are plenty of people that get amazing results with it.

If you are new to marketing I recommend you get acquainted to the stages of a sale. With them you can strategize and target the right people with your affiliate offers.

Affiliate Marketing Tips Conclusion

In this list of affiliate marketing tips I have shared with you 3 tips that I wish I had known when I got started.

If you are looking for a free and complete education on affiliate marketing I’d recommend Wealthy Affiliates, they teach you everything in detail and again, it is free. They also have an amazing community of people willing to help you!

I’ll be posting more tips about affiliate marketing and increasing sales as I develop this blog. For now, I hope you enjoyed this short list of affiliate marketing tips :).

To be continued…



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