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If you are a realtor, you can really benefit from Clickfunnels. In this article I’ll share with you how clickfunnels for realtors can make all the difference in your sales process.

Before we get into the meat and bones of how Clickfunnels can help realtors like yourself…

Let me share with you this free realtor funnel. With this pre-designed funnel you will have your own lead capture page to promote to people looking to buy real estate in specific locations.

Now, let’s get started with how this funnels can help you skyrocket your business!

Capturing Targeted Leads

With this funnel you can drive traffic from targeted sources. Such as facebook ads or buy media in real estate related websites in your area. Another idea for realtors is to advertise on websites like Yellowpages and Craigslist.

The secret here is to offer value, in this free funnel, you will be offering a free appointment to your client. On the Thank-You Page, I have also added the ability to include a bonus content, such as an e-book or informational video for your clients.

On the landing page you can add a video presenting yourself, your brand and your service.

realtor funnel- clickfunnels for realtors

For this funnel I have also added an exit intent overlay.

That means, if the potential prospect tries to leave the page, you will have a second chance to capture his or hers attention. At the moment is is just another form to fill out. But, you can use this to sweeten the deal with a one time offer of your own.

exit intent clickfunnels for realtors funnel

You can customize this funnel as you see fit.

I recommend creating the video and adding more information about your business. Also, you can find ways to provide more value to your customers and give them even more reason to make business with you!

If you want to understand more about Clickfunnels, take a look at my Clickfunnels Review.

Clickfunnels for realtors can be a match made in heaven, it allows you to create a more personalized experience for your customers and increase your sales!

Add One Time Offers After Lead Capture

With this Clickfunnels, you can easily add one time offers for your customers.

Imagine a small service you can provide them with, an upsell or downsell. With this offer you will be able to cover your customer acquisition costs and hopefully run your business without worrying about liabilities.

Creating a new page within this funnel is extremely easy to be done.

Coordinate a 1 on 1 Appointment With Your Lead

After capturing the lead’s e-mail and phone number you will be able to contact them directly to set-up an appointment.

This is where you can get very close to your customer and close a sale! Try to send you customer very relevant e-mails to their situation, you can use Clickfunnels Actionectics for a personalized experience. You can find out more about the extra Clickfunnels services here.

The benefits of Clickfunnels for realtors goes way beyond landing pages. The personalized experience you can create for each of your customers is an amazing way to strengthen your business image and become recommended in the future.

Clickfunnels for realtors Conclusion

Use the funnel I provided you with to personalize your capture page. Focus on creating a valuable experience to your customer from the very first contact.

With this funnel, all you need to do is find the best way to reach your customers and start capturing leads!

I hope you accomplish your goals in your realtor business. Good luck!


ClickFunnels For Realtors: Get More Customers With This FREE Funnel!
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ClickFunnels For Realtors: Get More Customers With This FREE Funnel!
Learn how Clickfunnels can benefit realtors and get a FREE Funnel for realtors here. With this Clickfunnels for realtors study your business will skyrocket!
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