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Clickfunnels can be a great fit for a business looking to expand it’s customers value and reach. In this Clickfunnels review, you will learn whether this is the right product for YOUR business.

I’ll be basing this review on my 5 months of experience with this platform, the community and support team.

So, lets get started with this in-depth review of Clcikfunnels!

Overview and Ratings

Overall score: 4 Stars

Clickfunnels is one of the best platforms for automating your sales process. With it you will be able to quickly and efficiently setup your pages, process your sales and collect customer information for direct response marketing all in one platform.

The community is extremely active and Clickfunnels is always creating events to gather industry leaders and help you further your education on how to grow your business.

Aside from the slightly inaccurate tracking (which can easily be solved and is constantly being improved) and the sometimes absent support team (mostly due to platform updates), Clickfunnels is a reliable, easy to use platform with tons of features and perks.

If you are looking for a platform that allows you to increase your business’s conversions rates, streamline direct response marketing, easily build your sales funnel and provides you with tons of bonuses and resources. Definitely check Clickfunnels out.

Keep reading to learn more about the details…


In-Depth Clickfunnels Review:

What is ClickFunnels?

Clickfunnels is a hosted platform that allows you to create squeze pages, membership websites and entire sales funnels quickly. Additionally, they provide upgraded services: Actionetics which enables you to interact with your leads in unique ways (more on that later) and Backpack, an affiliate management system that helps you promote your products and services by creating your own affiliate program.

Lastly, Clickfunnels also provides bonuses and resource packages which I’ll talk more about later. Although some of these resources require an extra investment, they can be invaluable to some.

A funnel is a series of pages and interactions in a specific order that will increase your conversion rates. Clickfunnels allows you to effortlessly create the entire funnels for your business, and even to share or sell them.

With Clickfunnels you can run a sales operation without the need of a website. The platform is very popular with consultation service providers and physical/digital product sellers. However, there are many different uses for Clickfunnels, you can create membership websites and promote online and offline events.

To sum up

Clickfunnels helps you easily create these funnels even if, you don’t have webdesign experience:

  • Lead Generation Funnels – Capture e-mail addresses and more information on your customers to grow your email list and practice direct response marketing.
  • Sales Funnels for Physical and Digital Products – Increase conversion rates by introducing customers to the concepts and benefits of your products before closing the sale. You can process your sales within the Clickfunnels platform, so you can operate with it alone.
  • Webinar Funnels – Easily register people to your online event.
  • Offline Event Funnels – Sign people up for sales seminars, social events, championships, etc…
  • Membership Websites. – Create a resource website with a monthly fee

*As a bonus, you can get free ready made funnels for eCommerce, Book Sales and Coaching/Consulting businesses. Just click here to learn how to get free funnels and training.

Now that you understand what Clickfunnels is, lets continue this review with some details inside the platform.

The Clickfunnels Platform

First of all I want to say that I have had a lot of webdesign experience in past (about 4 years). And I have seen very few platforms that make building a webpage as easy as Clickfunnels. As long as you are not implementing something extremely unique, you should have no problems utilizing the builder.

With that said, have in mind that there are plenty of ready made funnels available online (like these ones). The Clickfunnels platform makes it easy to tweak them. In short, creating your funnel should be as straight forward as uploading a few images and adding your links.

The user-friendliness of Clickfunnels is one of it’s biggest selling points. In this section of my review. We are going to take a look at how the built-in features can help your business succeed.

Intuitive Design

The Clickfunnels platform is very intuitive, it uses a modular approach to design. That is, you drag and drop features and just click on them to adjust their settings. It’s like building with legos.

To resume this review, let me take you on a walk-through of the platform.


The Builder’s Toolbar

As you can see in the image bellow, the builder isn’t complicated at all. Granted it does take some exploring to get used to it, figuring it out shouldn’t take much of your time.

In the toolbar you can edit your content, access advanced settings, add design elements (such as rows, columns and features).

However, you will be mostly editing settings and adding features directly on the visual builder (I’ll show you in the next image).


Adding Elements

As I said above, you can add features and edit settings directly on the visual builder. On the image bellow you will see that all you need to do is click a button in order to add an “element”.

An element can be a feature (such as ‘add to cart’ or ‘share on facebook’) or content (text, images and videos). For a list of some of the most used features scroll down.

Adding elements is extremely easy, and I found myself using the visual builder with a lot of ease and familiarity after a few minutes.

I almost feels like I could build whatever webpage I wanted to even if I didn’t have any design experience whatsoever.

This visual builder is so intuitive I seems like anyone would have no trouble using it.

Elements and Features

In the image bellow you can see all the available elements you can add to your page. Each of those elements will have it’s own settings, making each one of them highly customizable.

And as you can see, they have thought of everything. The countdown timer is an amazing feature to add the sense of urgency to your offers. Clickfunnels is constantly adding and testing new features.

In addition to all the features and design aspects, there are still advanced settings for people who want to add their own CSS code.

As is, the clickfunnels platform is perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced designers.


Advanced Settings

Clickfunnels allows for customized CSS code to be implemented. With my 5 months of experience with this platform I never had to use the custom CSS codes.

However, the tracking, integrations and SEO meta data are things I use all the time. I’ll get more into integrations later. For the tracking you can customize each pages separate tracking data with third party codes (which I recommend), allowing for in depth data and conversion analysis.

Due to Clickfunnels’s well developed and user friendly platform, it becomes hard to imagine any more features an entrepreneur could want. In conclusion, it is a complete and highly customizable platform that will serve your business very well.


Here is a list of clickfunnels Apps and Integrations:

  • GetResponse
  • Active Campaign
  • Mail Chimp
  • GoToWebinar
  • Aweber
  • Hubspot
  • HTML Form
  • Infusionsoft
  • Webinar Jam
  • Interspice
  • Ontraport
  • Maropost
  • Mad Mimi
  • Constant Contact
  • GVO Pure Leverage
  • ConvertKit
  • Twillo
  • Sendlane
  • Drip
  • Shipstation
  • Salesforce
  • Shopify
  • YouZing

Clickfunnels is always updating their platform and adding more integrations, ask their support for any news on any integrations you might need.

Split Testing

Clickfunnels split testing feature is very basic, you can only split test two pages at a time. However, with a rotator link from a third party service like Clickmagick, you would be able to split test as many as you wanted.

Clickmagick can also help you with more accurate tracking.

It is unfortunate that clickfunnels is only offering such a basic split testing feature. But, they are always improving on their features, so I’m sure they will create something that feels more complete in the future.


Clickfunnels also offers Actionetics, check out their explainer video:

What is Actionectis?

With Actionects you can create an advanced direct response marketing campaign that goes well beyond an e-mail autoresponder. You an tailor unique experiences for each one of your prospects and turn them into fans of your brand that will keep coming back for more!


Another service offered is Backpack, check out their explainer video:

What is Backpack?

With Backpack you can manage your own affiliate management system. It can help you expand your reach through affiliate marketing. By recruiting affiliates to your brand, you can grow your business exponentially since the affiliates will do all the work for you and you only pay them once they get results.


Both Actionetics and Backpack are included in the Clickfunnels Full Suite. They are NOT included in the start-up plan.

You can start a 14-day free trial for the full suite here:

Pros and Cons




  • Easy to use page builder.
  • You can easily sell and buy funnels, or just share them.
  • Tons of features on the page builder.
  • Lots of integration with different services, such as email auto-responders.
  • Weekly online webinars and educational resources.
  • Active and thriving social community on the Facebook groups.
  • Offline events such as Funnel Hacking Live, it sells out instantly.
  • They are constantly updating and adding features to the platform.
  • Long Trial Period


  • Sometimes absent support team, mostly due to hectic launches and updates.
  • The built-in split test is too basic.
  • Conversion tracking seems to be inaccurate.
  • Limited visitors, pages and funnels.


With Clickfunnels I got the experience of participating in a very engaging and active community. In the Facebook group you will find lots of entrepreneurs who are eager to help you solve your problems.

The community also extends to the live events. I haven’t personally participated in them, but from some recordings I found it looked to be an amazing environment for any entrepreneur. The FunnelHacksLive event is the most popular one, tickets seem to have sold out almost instantly.

Some resources the community can provide you with are invaluable to any business. I got some amazing tips on how to grow my businesses and the mindset I needed to keep growing non-stop.

In the clickfunnels community you will be able to participate in discussions that will be beneficial to your entrepreneurial mindset.


Cons In Depth

With my 5 months of experience with Clickfunnels I had little to no problems. But, here are some things I wish they would improve upon:

  • Support Team: My experience with the support team has been inconsistent. Sometimes they would respond quickly and solve my questions immediately, other times it took them a few days to get to me. I have noticed the same pattern in some discussions within the community.


  • Conversion Tracking: Tracking conversions is extremely important to any marketer. Without it we cannot make an actionable plan and discover where we need to improve. My experience with the conversions tracking inside the clickfunnels platform has been a negative one. I resorted to use Clickmagick as a way to track conversions and actions.


  • Limited Visitors and Funnels: Although I understand there has to be some sort of limit to help clickfunnels handle their servers. I believe the limits are too low at the moment, especially for the price of $97/month. Current limits are: 40,000 Visitors/month; 100 pages; 20 Funnels. Although I doubt most people would reach these limits, I wish they were a bit higher.


These are the things I wish they could do better, with their ever evolving platform, I hope they will improve upon these points. Overall, Clickfunnels is a great platform, even with these minor annoyances.

Conclusion and Verdict

This platform is in most cases an amazing alternative for a website. It is complete, flexible and efficient. With my experience, I can say this is definitely worth to check out. You can start your 14-day free trial here:

In this review I have covered most of the features of this amazing platform. There are many other points that still need to be covered, and I’ll be working on the extras and bonuses later on.

Clickfunnels is more than a platform, it is a community and a prime resource of entrepreneurial methods that will help you and your business grow. I am constantly impressed with the amount of value Clickfunnels has been providing their customers with.

And I feel confident saying that if you need to create a webinar, a squeeze page, a sales funnel with upsells, promote any type of event or product; Clickfunnels will serve you well.

Finally, with the rating of 4 stars and the verdict of “definitely check it out”, we conclude this review of Clickfunnels.

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