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When you started your business, you probably have been through a lot of research and challenges. Something should’ve become apparent to you now, you must always think about growth. There are many ways to accomplish that, so where do you start the path to learn how to make your business grow?

96% of businesses fail within their first 10 years…

In this article we will explore the evergreen secrets a multi-million dollar entrepreneur used to build many million dollar businesses of his own and help many others.

It doesn’t matter whether your business sells physical products, digital ones, services or whatever. These secrets will help ALL types of businesses.

Secret 1: Find Your Dream Customer

If you want to know how to make your business grow, you need to understand that the type of customers you bring to your offers will define the experience you will have as a business owner.

As a business owner you might end up spending more time with your customers than you do with your family and friends. Your customers are the most important part of your business…

This may not seem important (and that is why it’s overlooked), but your business is all about serving your customers. If you don’t find a way to reach the right customers you will set-up roadblocks for your business…So, who do you really want to work with?

Try to imagine what your perfect customer would be like. What do they look like? What is a common problem they might have, something that you know can be solved by your business? What are their goals and desires?

By defining your ideal customer, you will become able to strategize and prioritize your expansion and costs. You will understand what changes will most likely work, because you will understand what your customers really want.

The key to how to make your business grow starts here. By knowing your customers better than they know themselves, you become aware of the changes needed in order to grow and gather a passionate following for your brand. You become a value creation ninja.

Secret 2: Attract, Don’t Chase

Now that you know your who your ideal customers are, it is time to attract them!

With online businesses you have to have a solid marketing strategy in order to keep a steady stream of customers coming to your business.

The best way to do your marketing is by providing something of value to your customers in exchange for an action.

If you really know your customers, you should know what type of information they really want. By advertising value instead of sales, you promote a relationship between your customer and your brand.

You need to setup a type of “bait” that will cause your customers to be attracted to initiate a interaction with your business. Use that “bait” as a lead generator, and then work to transform those leads into sales!

The “bait” is not enough by itself, you need to learn how to present yourself as an attractive character, that is, someone your customers will be willing to trust in the long term.

If you want to learn more about creating an attractive character and gaining the trust of your ideal customers, check out this book. It was written by the multi-millionaire entrepreneur who shared the secrets you are reading now!

Secret 3: Master Value Aggregation

“Discounts are a tax entrepreneurs pay for, for not understanding how to correctly aggregate value.” -Erico Rocha

Serving your customers is all about value. If you understand how to aggregate the most value to your customers, you will always have plenty of sales.

But, you have to be careful with your offers. You must always be aware whether you can really afford to make a valuable offer. On the next secret you will learn about the trick used by successful entrepreneurs and businesses to enable value creation.

The best ways to aggregate value are with bundles and up-sells.

Creating a high performance sales funnel is the way to go for building high converting up-sells. For that I recommend ClickFunnels, they also offer plenty of education on how to create your funnels.

Mastering Value Aggregation is the key to staying profitable on the long term. This is essential on learning how to make your business grow.

Secret 4: Free Customer Acquisition? (YES IT IS POSSIBLE!!!)

If you want a very successful business you need to learn how to acquire your customers for free.

It may sound too good to be true, but it is real. There is one catch however…It is hard and takes a lot of testing to get it right.

In order to acquire your customers for free, you need to match the front-end value to the cost of the customer acquisition.

Let’s say it costs you $5 to acquire each paying customer. If you are able to create a $5 profit in the front end of your sales funnel…You just acquired that customer for free!

Acquiring a customer is more than just making a sale. You need to establish a channel for direct marketing with that customer. In most cases we are talking about e-mail marketing.

When you do this, you transform the traffic you pay for into traffic you OWN. I’ll talk more about this on Secret 5.

But imagine the power of a funnel that breaks even on the front-end and then allows you to do direct marketing to your prospects…

You break even the marketing cost and everything that happens in your back-end (through up-sells and value aggregation) is pure profits!

Read the conclusion on this blog post if you would like to master this concept.

Secret 5: OWN Your Traffic

When you send your offers to potential customers, you are most likely paying for traffic or driving it organically.

If you want to reach your customers repeatedly you cannot rely only those sources. You need to OWN your traffic, transform the traffic you don’t have control of into traffic you can reach directly.

This secret is all about direct response marketing.

Once you acquire your customers you need to establish a direct channel of communication with them.

The best way of doing that is by building an e-mail list. With an e-mail list you can reach out to your customers with more offers, whenever you want!

Have you ever seen those people claiming to make thousands of dollars in one day? Most of the time they just sent out an email to their existing list of customers, but they most likely have built that list over a long time.

Owning your traffic is essential on learning how to make your business grow.

How to Make Your Business Grow Conclusion

Growing your business is not only about getting more customers, you need to understand the process of transforming that customer into a loyal follower of your brand.

The most successful businesses aren’t afraid of investing tons of money into their growth, they know their back-end sales system will always provide them with profits, as long as they are reaching their ideal customers.

If you want to learn more about creating your back-end system and transforming your customers into loyal fans. Read this book.

If you already have loyal fans for your brand but you want to create a profitable sales funnel; check out Clickfunnels. They also have tons of education, see my resources page.

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