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Getting started with affiliate marketing can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right education. In this post I’ll be sharing with you my review of The Affiliate Bootcamp, where you can learn affiliate marketing online free! 

The Affiliate Bootcamp – Overview

The Affiliate Bootcamp is a free training series developed by the Clickfunnels team. In it you will have access to many of ClickFunnels products and the affiliate program that pays you recurring monthly profits!

Inside the affiliate bootcamp you will have access to some of the best training in marketing available online. Just for the free marketing education, this bootcamp is well worth it.

The structure of the Affiliate Bootcamp is organized as a 100-day challenge. Every day for 100 days you will receive access to a new video explaining how to setup your funnel structure and how you can promote it using Facebook Ads.

Once you sign up, you will dive into some amazing marketing lessons. The foundations you will build with the Affiliate Bootcamp will help you start a profitable marketing campaign for affiliate offers, and it can even help you grow a business!

The Affiliate Bootcamp is the best place to learn affiliate marketing online free.

The Pros and Cons.

Even without costing you money, the Affiliate Bootcamp will cost you time.

So, in order to help you decide if this bootcamp is worth your time investment. I have divided the pros and cons of this affiliate marketing course.

Then let’s begin with the Pros.


  • Free price tag.
  • Step by step complete instructions on how to setup and test your funnels.
  • Easy to follow with one video a day and the “challenge” format.
  • Amazing content, some of it taught by Russell Brunson on a ClickFunnels event that cost people over $997.
  • Lot’s of bonus content.
  • Great Facebook Community that can support you on your journey.
  • It teaches you more than just Affiliate Marketing, it teaches you many marketing concepts good for all types of businesses.
  • Great Support Team.
  • Capable of generating recurring monthly income.
  • Dream Car Contest for Affiliates.
  • Many success stories.


  • Requires that you sign-up for a ClickFunnels Account (they do have a 14-day free trial)
  • Too much information, you will be setting up many different funnels for different offers, it can get repetitive.
  • Too much focus on Facebook Ads at the beginning; some people (like me) prefer different traffic sources.
  • Too many Funnels to choose from, it can be overwhelming sometimes.

My Experience With The Affiliate Bootcamp.

At first I was looking to learn affiliate marketing online free. And I had no idea there would be such a complete course like the Affiliate Bootcamp available. Once I found it, I was shocked with the quality of the information inside. I mean, it is a complete marketing training for free, I was not expecting that. But, there it was.

As in everything it will require your dedication and action. However, after reaching day 50 I can say that this training is very complete and the most valuable part of it all is the community on Facebook.

The community has helped me develop my funnels and make my first commissions. I’m confident that I’ll reach a point where I’ll be giving myself a raise everyday! And it is all because of the amazing people that have been following this bootcamp.

When I got started I had no idea about some of the foundations of marketing. Now, I’m extremely glad I went through the training day-by-day. Some very basic concepts such as how to find your “dream customer” and how to develop an attractive personality will become part of all my projects in the future.

The things you will learn in the Affiliate bootcamp can be applied to any business you own. I’ve been applying it to this blog and I can already see the quality on posts increasing.

So far, I have made two sales for the ClickFunnels trial, one of them generates $38.80 per month and the other $118.80 per month! I hope to increase my monthly income and truly retire within this year. But for now, I’m happy with covering the monthly cost of ClickFunnels.

My Recommendation

I believe the monthly cost of ClickFunnels is absolutely worth it, however I understand it can be a turn down for complete beginners. For them, I recommend checking out the bootcamp anyway. Try and use the 14-day trial if you are feeling confident enough to get a few commissions and offset the price like I did. In addition, there is a lot of good content that can benefit everyone looking to get into internet marketing.

And when you decide to get into the bootcamp, make sure you get into the facebook group too. I really believe it is the most valuable part of this program.

It has taken a lot of testing and tweaking in order for me to get those sales. But in the Affiliate Bootcamp you will definitely acquire all the skill set necessary to get results better than mine!

If you are looking for the best way to learn affiliate marketing online free. I’ll definitely recommend that you check out the Affiliate Bootcamp.

Conclusion: Learn Affiliate Marketing Online Free With The Bootcamp

The Affiliate Bootcamp is definitely the best way I have found to learn affiliate marketing online free. Especially for beginners trying to get into the intermediate levels and also the more advanced stuff.

Considering the many success stories there are from Clickfunnels affiliates and the results I’ve been getting. This is absolutely worth to check it out, especially for free.

Finally, if you do become successful with this training, you will be able to participate in the dream car contest. I mean, who doesn’t want to retire AND get a free car?

Click the link and start with the bootcamp:


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